Cold Cuts (_2005, _2006)

10_20_2006 - Corn dog, bbq, lemonade, funnel cake, fudge, pony ride, farm animals, ferris wheel, Wacky Worm, bumble bees, carousel, dragons, pick a duck and win a prize, water wall, water logged, horses, HORSES, home.

10_11_2006 - We're not sure which day we will go, but I can't imagine a year without funnel cake and farm animals at the North Carolina State Fair. For those of you brave enough to take on the crowds, here's the place to go for all you need to know.

10_01_2006 - The party was great! Thanks everybody for the fun, the presents and especially all the love that filled up our little house. The birthday girls had a wonderful day.

09_25_2006 - Wow, what a dog of a year. And now we're back to birthdays and fairs and fall breezes again with a whole beautiful year left in the dust. Happy birthday, Super Jud-Man. Margaret and I had a great time today.

And Sharkalina, the shark pinata, is only one week away from getting the candy smacked out of her. Margaret's Happy Hatchday Dino Stomp is almost here, and we can't wait!

October 2005 - Happy Birthday, Margaret and Ginger. Happy fall, happy fair, happy chill in the air.
Sinquefield's Choice Auto Sales website completed.
06_04_2005 - It's approaching Summer and Ice Cream! is in the freezer.
06_02_2005 - Water Cooler updated. In progress...
04_18_2005 - Cocktail Hour updated. A few links and shout-outs. Many thanks, pals.
04_16_2005 - Cool It Co. is back! So much work to do. Stay tuned for more updates.